Monday, June 28, 2010

Coffee Makes Me Happy

I've been known to love my coffee, or at least the experience of it, but I have never been a coffee drinker like I am since having my son.  Coffee makes me happy!  Really happy! 

The smell and idea of it.  It all brings a smile to my face.

It's not a good thing that I have a Strabucks within walking distance from my house.  Or that my son sees the logo where ever we go and says, "Mommy coffee".  Yes, every iced coffee cup out there is, "Mommy coffee".  But that's my thing. 

I guess I'm known as a coffee lover in my circle of friends.  Just yesterday, at Braden's friend, Julia's, 2nd Birthday Party, Doug brought me a present.  Yes me!  He roasted his own coffee and gave me some to sample.  Now that made me happy!

It's brewing as I type...  mmmmmm...

To a real coffee lover, probably like Doug, who roasts his own, I'm a fake.  It's not so much the taste I love...  Sure, with enough flavor and cream, it's super yummy.  But to me, it's more about the idea that this is Mommy's coffee.   Yes, mine!  All mine.

In a time of my life when I give so much, coffee is something I can keep all to myself.

So that is why I have never loved coffee as much as I have since having my son!


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  1. What?????....does this mean you have abandon diet coke????????????????????????????????????? =)
    Miss ya! Colleen