Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Farewell to Seoul

-  Photo was taken by the very talented, Concha Hernandez

Grateful Friends Daily : Seoul and Friends

I don't know where to start and couldn't list everyone, but this post is dedicated to each and every individual who touched our lives in the last three years.

Bidding farewell is never easy, and this one in particular is bittersweet.
I'm not going to lie, living in Seoul has had it's challenges. There were days, in the beginning, I dreamt of my escape, longed for the day it would all be over. It was during these times, my little rescuers, scattered all over the city, helped me off the ledge and gave me the strength to keep at it; and I'm glad I did because today, when I bid farewell to this chapter in my life, I have tears in my eyes.

Thank you to those who have left, and the ones who remain.

To my ECLC family, expat family, Heart & Seoul MeetUp, SMAK and more. To my neighbors and all of my Korean friends. To the adjumas and adjushis, our babysitters, students and parents. To the owners of our favorite restaurants and cafes, to our pharmacist and our dentist.

To all those who were patient, kind and forgiving. To those who understood and came to my rescue. To those who made me laugh and smile; and even those who made me cry.

Seoul, you are a remarkable city, with a great deal of beauty and culture. You have tradition, history, and strength.

You are strong and stubborn; busy and active. You have many hidden unique qualities.

You are determined to preserve your history and foundation, while longing to globalize and modernize.

Your food is incredible, your parks are glorious, and your palaces spectacular.

I have learned from you, and grown because of you.

Thank you for all that you have given me. You will be missed.

Off we go...