Thursday, July 15, 2021

She's a Whore!

"I went on a date with this woman, and we ended up sleeping together. She probably sleeps with every guy. She's such a slut!"

"I finally met Sarah. We had such a great connection over the phone. Her profile says she's athletic, but when I met her in person, she's a fat cow! I don't plan to see her again."

"Bro! Emily and I have been on 3 dates and she's so frigid! We've made out, but she won't go any further! She's a cock tease! I'm over it!"

"Every woman I meet online is either high maintenance, super clingy, needy, a gold digger or a complete train wreck! I give up on online dating. There are no normal women out there!"

"My ex was such a nag! As soon as a woman acts like a crazy bitch, I RUN!"

"OMG! I told Susan I was busy with my son this week and wasn't available until the weekend. She became hysterical! I think she's emotionally imbalanced, maybe a little bipolar. What a psychopath. I'm breaking up with her! I dodged a bullet!"

"Dude! I had a first date last night and this woman wouldn't stop talking about herself. My ex was a narcissist, I'm not going to see her again!"

How did these scenarios come across to you? A bit nasty, right? Unfortunately, when we label men, put them in a box, make assumptions, etc. we are no better than they are!

Labels are intended for care packages, cereal boxes, food pantries and our children's camp clothes.

Assumptions and labels dehumanize a person, are destructive and detrimental to any relationship. They masquerade as ‘facts’ and have us making choices based on little more than good guesses.

While you can get curious, make observations, and know the facts about a situation; a person’s feelings and thoughts are only available to you if you ask them.

If we are quick to judge a person, put them in a box and slap a label on them, we don't give them a chance. Men and women are not a one size fits all!

So, ladies - put down the label maker and get curious! Ask questions, seek clarity, and go into each date/relationship with fresh eyes. Don't make assumptions and most of all . . . be KIND!