Sunday, June 20, 2010

Boys Will Be Boys...

My boy is a boy.    If I've ever questioned nature vs. nurture, I have learned, having a son, that nature takes over.

We've raised our son fairly neutral.  Aside from the obvious boy clothes, his room and toys are a happy blend of both.  Most of his little playmates are girls and he's often the only boy in the bunch.

My husband, Brooke isn't exactly your man's man either.  He's very gentle, kind, and sensitive.  He prefers watching plays over sports and will often kid around with me about the "sweaters" the football players wear during the games.

We're hoping to raise a kind, sensitive, caring young boy who will some day be a wonderful man, partner and father.

Something inside my little boy turned very testosterone in the last few months.  All of a sudden he gravitated towards "boy" toys; started making vroom-vroom noises when playing with cars, and is now obsessed with motorcycles, garbage trucks, cars, trains, and buses.  He prefers balls over his animals and knocking things down over building them.

So when I heard about The Annual Touch-A-Truck event in Thousand Oaks, CA, I knew we had to go.

In one word, this event was awesome!  It was my son's dream day! 

He not only saw a dump truck, sheriff van, garbage truck, tractor, excavator, school bus, fire engine, ambulance, sewer truck, bulldozer, cement mixer, and helicopter, but he also got to check them out first-hand. They let the kids sit inside them, ride on them, honk the horns, kick the tires, work the controls, and blare the sirens.   

I don't know which was his favorite, but I think his highlight, if not mine, was watching the helicopter take off right in front of our eyes, with its propellers just over our heads. 

This is an event worth visiting year after year.  I was impressed by the size and organization of it all.

Check it out next year.  It's always held the Saturday before Father's Day!


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