Saturday, July 24, 2010

Is fear what drives or stops us?

Fear is often what we associate with prevention.  Fear stops us in our tracks.  Fear prevents us from trying new things.  Fear protects us from anything threatening or harmful. 

Fear of the unknown.  Fear of rejection.  Fear of failure.  Fear of loss.  It's often labeled as a negative or uncomfortable emotion. 

Fear can also be the very thing that motivates and drives us.  Fear is often brought into the equation in order to help us find and embrace our courage.

As parents, we fear we won't be good enough.  That our choices will somehow impact negatively on our children.  That the decisions me make or don't make will be wrong. 

We fear for our children's happiness, their well being, stability and balance.  We fear for their futures, their unknowns, their journeys. 

What I have learned is that if I let go of my fear and I accept what is before me, I will find my courage and strength.  And in that, I will also find happiness.

The decisions we make are not always easy; what will I make for dinner tonight?  Do we spend the holidays with the in-laws or not?  Do we buy a new car or fix the transmission?  Do I take the 405 or surface streets?  Do we move or do we stay?

Do we move or do we stay?

Do we move or do we stay?

When I step back and let go of my fear, the answer is clear...  we move!

We move because it's what's best for our family.  We move because it's an experience of a lifetime.  We move because fear cannot stop us in our tracks and prevent us from trying new things.

And so I take this journey and my blog and I move to Seoul, Korea.

What a remarkable adventure...  please stay tuned.

With love from Los Angeles,



  1. Amazing!!!! What an adventure! It all sounds fabulous and exciting. Good for you guys! xoxo
    Janine C.

  2. wow...yay arianna!!! i had no idea you were thinking about moving. how long would u be in Korea? congrats, its going to be an experience of a lifetime that very FEW get to have so enjoy it for what it is, and im sure we'll see u again. when do u leave?

  3. YAHOO! i'm so very excited for you and brooke and braden. we will hold los angeles here for you so you may always come back, and you will forever be in our hearts, no matter where you live.