Tuesday, November 15, 2011

As We Count The Weeks

While we are pregnant we count the weeks until our due date.  The biggest milestone is crossing the threshold of your first trimester.  It gives you a sense of relief, a knowing that the baby will be okay.  Twenty weeks marks the halfway point and typically the time you can get a glimpse of whether it's a boy or girl.  By then, the countdown begins.

After our little ones have arrived, we begin counting all over again.  Our two week old, four week old, six week old, and so on.  Slowly the weeks turn into months as we anticipate the milestones of rolling over, the first tooth, sitting up, first foods, crawling, walking and talking.

Braden and I arrived to Korea four weeks ago today.  In those short weeks we have done, seen and accomplished so much.  We have, like infants do, grown and changed quite a bit.  We started to learn a new language and culture.  We have adapted a new cuisine.  We eat with chopsticks and take off our shoes at the door.  We have taken the subway fifty-two times and the bus four times.  We have explored fifteen subway stops,  traveled from one end of Seoul to the other, visited seven new parks and playgrounds, the aquarium, the zoo, and attended a traditional Korean concert and Lantern Festival.  We shop at open markets and carry our shopping dolly with us.  We have made nine new friends and have had seven playdates.  We started a MeetUp and have eight new members.  We even signed up for a Korean art class.

And this is just the beginning, because just like infants, we have a lot more growing and learning to do.

Stay tuned...



  1. As I started to read this I thought i would be congratulating you on some big news. Hehe ;)
    Congratulations anyways on this wonderful journey you get to experience and soak up everything it has to offer!

  2. I love how open you are to Korean culture and the Seoul all about you. You are a fabulous example for our son. Thank you.

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