Friday, September 10, 2010

Hugs and Kisses to Korea

Now that I am a full-time (on the most part) stay-at-home mom, there are many parts of my day that I enjoy with my son; playdates with our friends, dance class, walking, reading, cooking, playing in the backyard and more.  But the most favorite part of my day is when my son wakes me up in the morning.

We're in a transition period right now.  Having had to move out of our house, stay with friends in their guesthouse, living out of suitcases with Daddy living half way around the world in Korea.  It's a gypsy life.  A life I try to keep as grounded as I can for the sake of my son.  But in all the mix of what seems like chaos to most, are those precious moments I cherish.

For me, the favorite I mentioned earlier, is the second Braden wakes up, rolls over, looks down at me from the top bed and says, "Mommy, wake up.  Braden come down."  He then rolls down, shimmies up to my pillow, tosses and turns until he is finally comfortable and then says, "Covers on."  We both cover up and then we talk about Daddy.  It's usually the same conversation.  I say, "Braden, where is Daddy?"  Braden replied, "Kor-re-ra" and I ask if he wants to send him hugs and kisses.  He always says yes and we give each other big hugs and blow big kisses to Daddy.  Braden then says, "Did he catch it?"  And I say, "YES!  Daddy caught it and when he wakes up he'll be wrapped around your hug and be smothered with your kisses.  How much does Daddy love you?"  And Braden replies, with a huge grin, "So much!"  Sometimes Braden will say, "Talk to Daddy?"  and before I can respond he says, "Ummmm.  Maybe?  Tomorrow?"

I know being away must be hardest on Brooke, but I do hope he feels the warmth of our hugs and is smothered by our kisses because he is well loved from afar...

We love you, Daddy!  We miss you and think about your every day!




  1. Great story. It is so important to keep the children grounded when their familiar environment is gone for the time being. Eva was 2 when Daddy went away and 2.5 when we joined him again to live across the country. There have been ups and downs along the way, but overall it has taught us all how strong our family is. We all know that every place where we are together is home.

    Enjoy this adventure!



  2. Hang in there. We did this last year when we tried to sell our house in Nashville. I did not dare try and have the house ready with 2 infants (at the time) and 2 dogs. The boys and I stayed with my mom in her townhouse and Tim flew back n forth. It was so very hard. It hadn't sold, so we all went back to Nashville. Then we did it all over again this year when we FINALLY sold our house and bought our new house in OC. It is difficult living out of a suitcase and feeling like nothing is home. I finally realized home has so many meanings!
    Lori Pogge